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Prescription Files and Supplies

California Style Folders

Featuring 12" x 6" size with two extended folds; wrap
completely around your prescriptions. Each folder holds 100
prescriptions. Available in packages of 100 in the following
colors: buff, blue, dark pink, green, cherry red, and “assorted”
which is a combination of 25 of each the four colors. Made of
sturdy, 140 lb. index stock for heavy use.

Item Size Qty/Pk
CALIF 12" x 6" 100


Western Style Folders

Single-fold prescription file folders. Available in buff color only.

Item Size Qty/Pk
West no tab 9" x 6" 100
Tab2 with tab 9" x 6" 100


Texas Style Folders

Pre-scored for easy folding.

Item Size Qty/Pk
Texas 5 ½" x 4" x 1" 100


File Boxes

All file boxes include inner double prong file arch. Other sizes and configurations available by special order.

Item Size Qty/Pk
SP80010 5 ¼" W x 6 ¼" H x 9 ½" D #80010 White steel file box
SP80030 5 ¼" W x 6 ¼" H x 9 ½" D #80030 Black steel file box


Cardboard File Drawers

An economical answer to your storage problems, these lightweight corrugated drawers can be used to store
records. They may be stacked for even more efficient use of space. White only.

Item Size Qty/Pk
AP50042 13" W x 5" H x 17 ¼" D Deep single drawer with divider
AP50040 7 ¼" H x 5 ¼" W x 17 ¼" D Deep single drawer – no divider


Rx Organizer

Strong plastic box with interchangeable dividers held in place by notches.
Dividers feature raised portion for easy labeling. (Item: RXORG)


Staplers and Staples
Item Description
Plier Bostitch Plier Stapler
B8S B-8 Bostitch Staples

Other staplers and staples available, please call for details. We offer stand-up, electric and rapid.

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