Our History


For the last four decades, Jays Company has become the benchmark distributor for medical printing and packaging in the upper Midwest. That success has helped Jays Company to expand and service a nationwide customer base. 

Purchased by Lisa Holzer in 2008, she has owned and operated Jays Company since, increasing sales and adding employees over the past five years.

 Humble Beginnings

 The Jays Company story begins with Gary Kumerfield, who began his career working for a large wholesale drug company as a territory salesman at age 23. Although he did well and enjoyed the work, he saw a tremendous opportunity in the label and forms industry. In 1972, Kumerfield purchased Jays Company, a small label and forms company. Jays was incorporated in 1993.

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Before surgical dressings of gauze and cotton were introduced, what was commonly used to cover wounds in American hospitals?
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