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Temperature Data Logger with LCD

Temperature Data Logger with LCD

  • Dependable - Measures, stores and tracks more than 16,000 temperature readings over a -31 to 176°F (-35 to +80°C) range. 2-1/2-digit LCD shows min, max and current temperature log. For quick and easy way to download your information without removing the unit from the department, utilize our compatible DataPad.
  • Programmable Alarms - Device features two user-programmable alarm thresholds. Logging rate can be set to every 10 seconds to every 12 hours.  Correct functioning of the unit is indicated by flashing red, green and orange LEDs. Choose from immediate, delayed, push-button or temperature-triggered start modes.
  • USB Interface – Download data, export graphs, and transfer information using supplied software. USB interface for set-up and data download. Downloaded data such as relative humidity, temperature and dew point data can be graphed, printed and exported to other applications such as Excel. Easy to install and use, the control software runs under Windows® 7, Windows® 2000, XP (Home and Professional Editions) and Vista® (32-bit).
  • Dimensions: 4-11/16"L x 1"W



DataPad with LCD for USB Data Loggers


  • Collect and Store Data - Handheld device with touch screen interface allows users of EL-USB data loggers to download data and view results on the spot. Eliminates the need to remove the logger from its location and take it to a computer to retrieve information.
  • USB Interface - Connects to loggers via standard USB port and displays numerical and graphical data from the last 100 downloads. Collects and stores data from at least 500 loggers; data can be transferred to a PC/Mac.  Allows full setup of loggers and configuration of units from the field.
  • To protect your device, utilize the protective cover.
  • Dimensions: 4-3/16"L x 2-11/16"W x 11/16"D



Protective Cover for Datapad


  • Prolong Device Life - Protective cover fits around the handheld DataPad to protect it from scratches and light bumps.
  • Rubber casing slips easily over the DataPad. Strategically placed openings allow regular use of the device with a data logger and connection to a computer using its mini USB cable.



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